A Bell Tower Proposal

Nathan + Michelle // March 31, 2018


If you have ever lived in the state of Indiana and know anything about some of the local colleges, what is one of the first things that comes to mind when thinking of Ball State University? The Bell Tower. Shafer Tower is a 150 foot tall bell tower that sits in the middle of the college campus. It was completed in 2001 and has since been an iconic symbol for the school. 


Around a month ago, I received a message from a friend of mine who I have known since kindergarten. Nathan was one of my buddies growing up in church and school so when I read the message saying he was going to be proposing to his lovely girlfriend Michelle, I was so excited to be able to help with the day! He told me he would like some photos of the moment and I promptly agreed.  A few weeks later, the day was upon us and it was time to set up! 

The wind was chilly and strong so set up was a big difficult. Nathan had balloons that spelled out "Marry Me?" that he wanted on the inside of the tower, but since the temperature was pretty cold and the wind was blowing so hard, we had to use roughly an entire roll of masking tape to get them to stick - after they came loose and started to blow away a few times first. He also had two dozen roses for the ground leading to the center of the tower and we eventually had to tape those down too. The weather was difficult but he stayed in high spirits full of jitters and excitement. With the help of his cousins and a friend, we got everything ready for the big moment! A table with a slide show of photos and a sweet video were set up and waiting for Michelle's arrival. It was time! 

She said YES!!

What a sweet moment. The air filled with clapping and cheers from all of the people who helped make this proposal perfect. Michelle was shocked that she did not see it coming and the couple could not stop smiling. It is moments like these that make me absolutely love my job. Congrats to the newly engaged couple!