Early Summer Love 

Joel + Katie // June 9, 2018

A wedding early in the summer months is such a beautiful occasion. People are excited for the first few warm sunny days, all of the trees are full and bursting with vibrant green leaves, and the sounds of cicadas' songs fills the warm breeze. 

Katie and Joel's special day fit perfectly in this lovely mood. The love and excitement in the air was just overwhelming and made for the perfect atmosphere.

The girls all gathered at the sister of the groom's house to get ready in style. They started the morning with yoga on the deck and sipping mimosas, followed by hair, makeup and tons of laughter. Katie's bridesmaids were all so excited for her. All of the girls had been friends since high school and filled the house with the sound of reminiscing of their younger days. It was such a great time spent with friends and the morning flew by. 

Meanwhile, Joel and his groomsmen got ready at his home. They grilled out, drank some beer and spent the morning relaxing and enjoying the time together. Finally after a morning full of preparations, it was almost time for the first look. The bridal party lined up facing each other to create a path to witness the first sweet moment between the bride and groom. 

It was such a beautiful moment for the couple and the air was filled with laughter and happy tears. Everyone was so excited for the ceremony that was now only a few hours away. The bridal party spent some time relaxing and posing for a few funny photos before everyone loaded up on the bus to head to the venue. 

Joel and Katie found some time to capture a few sweet moments that were just their own too. 

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful. The sun was shining through a few puffy clouds and the golden hue gave the evening a magical vibe. Surrounded by the people they care about most, the couple recited their vows and tied the knot on their forever. Sealed with a kiss, Joel and Katie became the Geimans and it was time to celebrate! 

The reception was so much fun. The dance floor was packed the entire time and everyone had a blast. I really enjoyed my time spent with this amazing group. Capturing their love up close was so rewarding and I cannot wait to see where life takes these two.