Late Fall Cuddles

Betsy + Neal // November 4, 2017

I have known Betsy and Neal for four years. I went to college with both of them, the three of us all ran track and in my final year, Betsy was one of my roommates. When I saw that the two sweethearts had gotten engaged, I reached out to Betsy to see if they needed someone to capture their big day. I was just so excited when she said yes. 

I met with Betsy and Neal while I was spending a weekend in Indianapolis with my own sweetheart. We met near the canal and took a little stroll through the park. Now, since I have known these two for a few years, I knew what to expect with their personalities. Neal - a sarcastic but sweet introvert who is willing to do what whatever it takes when Betsy needs a smile. And Betsy - a soft spoken, introverted animal lover with a hidden spunky flare. The two have an unmatched, shared passion for nature and adventure.


Photographing these two was so easy and natural. They fell right into place and just showed how they love every day. I never had to ask them to laugh or smile, Neal's frequent remarks kept a smile on all of our faces. He has always enjoyed giving me (and nearly everyone he knows) a hard time so we were definitely not short on smiles for the day. 


As the afternoon progressed, they pulled these hats out of a bag and it absolutely made my day. The air was a bit breezy and chilly so it was perfect timing. For those of you who do not know, I have rarely seen either of these individuals without hats on. Track practice, sitting on the couch, walking to class.. always. So when they wanted to incorporate them into their photos, I was thrilled. Nothing better than pictures that genuinely capture the everyday style of who someone really is at the core. 

I always have so much fun with these cuddly sessions. Only a few months until they tie the knot!